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The world’s smartest anti-cavity toothbrush that delivers a refreshing clean to your mouth, teeth and gums. In just 6 seconds.


UNOBRUSH™ brushes your teeth in 6 seconds. If you’re brushing for two 2 minutes usually, you’ll save 95% of the time wasted.


UNOBRUSH™ is cleaned by UV light in the Docking Station that kills 99,9% of all germs.


We’ve developed UNOfoam™, our patent pending medical-grade material that that reaches 99.9% of surfaces regardless of the size or shape of your mouth.

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Design meets technology.

Through extensive R&D, clinical trials, research and hundreds of material tests, we developed UNOfoam™, our patent-pending medical-grade sponge-like material that’s optimized specifically for oral hygiene.

2X more effective.

To ensure UNOfoam™ could fit every mouth, we used advanced 3D tooth mapping technology to achieve a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece that reaches 99.9% of surfaces regardless of the size or shape of your mouth.

Dock, clean, charge.

Today’s toothbrushes collect germs and grime that circulate throughout your bathroom, and transfer that bacteria to your mouth. Therefore, we designed the UNOBRUSH™ docking station to sanitize the mouthpiece with UV light after every use.


Ecosystem free

With UNOBRUSH it’s possible to use any toothpaste on the market. Stay out of a closed ecosystem. Forever.


UNOBRUSH™ is the world’s first green smart toothbrush. 100 apartments could be powered for an entire year after just 100,000 people switch to UNOBRUSH™.

Danish design

We wanted UNOBRUSH™ to be beautiful and easy to use. The result is a sleek, sophisticated, and easy-to-use system.


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"As a professional, I am always striving to find new and improved ways to raise the oral health standards that I can provide to my patients. I’m excited to see the rollout of UNOBRUSH and making it available to my patients as a new approach to oral care. I’ve never seen a product with more potential of delivering a radical improvement in extending the life of our natural teeth without medical intervention. I further see UNOBRUSH being indispensable to hospitals and nursing homes as the standard of care for their patients who cannot brush on their own."

Dr. Neil Kelly
Award Winning Dentist

“Most people in today’s world have less time and are more stressed than ever before, but the importance of toothbrushing is still the same. I believe UNOBRUSH will make toothbrushing fit easier into our busy lives, but I also think UNOBRUSH has the potential of helping people who are unable to brush their teeth themselves. I’ve loved working closely together with the UNOBRUSH-Team, and I’m excited to see the rollout of UNOBRUSH and making it available for my clients who are interested in it.”

Henning Mortensen
Chief Dentist, Copenhagen

“The idea is revolutionary in its simple way of changing how to handle the everyday task of – brushing ones teeth. So is the young idea generators - revolutionary and ambitious game changers with their hearts and minds set on academics as well as business development."

Birgitte Faber
Principal, Copenhagen International Business College


We are live on INDIEGOGO, a platform where you can help us raise money and get a UNOBRUSH in return.

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