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UNOBRUSH™ brushes all your teeth in just 6 seconds. If you’re brushing for two 2 minutes usually, you’ll save 95% of the time wasted.


To protect yourself from germs and grime that circulate throughout your bathroom, UNOBRUSH™ is cleaned by UV light in the Docking Station when not in use. 


We’ve developed UNOfoam™, our wrapping patent-pending medical-grade foam material infused with pulsing sonic vibrations that delives a consistent and effective brush. Every time!

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Our teeth are central to a healthy life and positive self-image yet the toothbrush remains the most outdated device in today’s homes. Join the movement to make time-consuming and ineffective toothbrush obsolete.

The Product

Base Module

The UNOBRUSH ™ Base module creates an intense sonic movement perfected through hundreds of hours development by our engineering team. The vibration formula it delivers is specially optimized for the UNOBRUSH brushing experience, ensuring UNOBRUSH’s sonic brush.


UNOfoam's unique cell structure and density simultaneously transfer vibrations while staying pliable enough to mold and form around each individual tooth, ensuring that all teeth are cleaned, in just 6 seconds.

Docking Station

To ensure your teeth stay clean and protected, we knew we needed to improve the toothbrush’s cleanliness. We designed the UNOBRUSH™ docking station to sanitize the mouthpiece with UV-light after every use, preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria that compromises the health of your teeth and gums.


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