Brush your teeth in just 10 seconds

Unobrush™ brushes your teeth – front, back, and chewing surfaces – simultaneously, giving you a faster, fresher, full-mouth brush.

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Unobrush is a faster way to fresh. It brushes all your teeth in 10 seconds flat.


Sanitize Unobrush after every use in the built-in UV slot to keep bacteria at bay.


Unobrush is changing the way the world brushes. Join the revolution.

From funky to fresh in 3 steps

  1. Chew

    Pop a Unotab™ – our super-concentrated, remarkably refreshing toothpaste tablets – into your mouth, give it a chew, and swirl it around your mouth as it dissolves.

  2. Brush

    Slide the Mouthpiece into your mouth, hit the start button, and gently move the mouthpiece for 10 seconds while Unobrush gently brushes your teeth and gum line.

  3. Sanitize

    Rinse the Mouthpiece and pop it into the UV slot to destroy creepy crawlies and keep it hidden from bathroom bacteria.

See how it works

Mouthpiece The Mouthpiece surrounds your teeth and gumline with soft DuPont™ bristles and gently brushes with the perfect amount of pressure.

Base Module The handle-and-motor combo connects to the Mouthpiece and lives on the charging pad on the Docking Station.

Docking station The Docking Station charges the Base Module and stores the Mouthpiece in a UV slot, sanitizing it after every use.

Unobrush Duo:
For couples who like to keep things fresh Share a Base Module with your better half and swap out the Mouthpiece when it’s your time to brush.

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What are people saying about Unobrush?

I have just brushed my teeth for the first time using the UnoBrush and it was... FAST! Wow, 10 seconds is just not a lot of time. […] I most say the experience so far has been 10/10. Well done!


What are people saying about Unobrush?

A revolution to brushing your teeth! Make no bones about it, first few uses of Unobrush, it will feel weird. [...] However, delighted with my purchase and I certainly don’t expect to go back to toothbrushes!


What are people saying about Unobrush?

I have had the UNO brush for about a week now and i am honestly mind-blown. […] I didnt think it would be possible but my teeth feel even cleaner than with my sonic toothbrush, and I even feel that it cleans the gaps in between my teeth really really well. […] And it only takes a fraction of the time?!



  • How can I be sure it cleans my teeth?

    Unobrush didn’t just reimagine the toothbrush – we reimagined how it moves. Unobrush’s movement mechanism uses direct, translational movement to rapidly move the entire Mouthpiece from side to side. The result is a consistent, high-friction, and refreshing brushing experience. Give your mouth five days to adjust to Unobrush, and by then, you’ll be familiar with – and addicted to – your new way of brushing.

  • Can this replace my normal toothbrush?

    Our vision is to replace your normal toothbrush. Be sure to brush your teeth twice daily for at least 1 automatic program length and supplement use by regularly using dental floss as your dental professional recommends.

  • What kind of toothpaste can I use?

    We have developed a unique toothpaste for the Unobrush, called Unotabs. These toothpaste tabs are designed to ensure the maximum coverage into the Unobrush and at the same time provide the best cleaning. It is also possible to use your regular toothpaste, please read the uses manual for more information on how to use regular toothpaste

  • When will I receive my order?

    Orders will normally be received in 2 - 5 working days. Please note, pre-orders will take longer to be received. We offer free shipping on all Unobrush and Unosupply recurring orders. Your order shipment status can be tracked using the tracking number provided in your shipping email.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    We offer free shipping on all Unobrush and Unosupply recurring orders.