Blog Post 10

Hi Guys,

We hope you are all doing well.

Today we are very excited to share this update with you. As explained in our past updates, we have, for the last couple of weeks, been focused on finishing our IP filing so that we could show you the reward you will receive for your pledge.

We are excited to announce that we have now filed our IP,

It is important to emphasize that even though we have had to make changes to the original brushing component, our key goals have always been to deliver an effective time-efficient solution that brushes thoroughly and with high quality. Within the frame of these significant functionalities, a nylon bristle brushing component meets the criteria that we have sought to solve all along.

The nylon bristle in itself has been used in toothbrushes for decades and it has been the industry standard for teeth cleaning products, but in its current form in manual and electric toothbrushes, it is ineffective and time-consuming. UNOBRUSH was created to deliver a product that would overcome these shortcomings and provide a secure, fast, and effective toothbrushing and with UNObristles, we have developed a new, feasible, and innovative way to accomplish this.

Appearance optimization on the mouthpiece and on the Base Module are the two aspects to take this to the final consumer-ready, beautiful product level and so that you all know, we are following the new time plan that we have laid and we are on track. 

To show you how effective UNOBRUSH will be, we want to show you some before and after photos of where it has been used. Altogether we have achieved excellent results with the prototype as you will be able to see here. 

Now It's important to mention that when doing tests with plaque disclosing tablets, it's impossible to remove all color as excess color always will be present.

First, let’s take a look at some test results when using a regular toothbrush. Here, you see the test results from brushing one minute with a regular toothbrush. 

Here, test results are seen, having brushed for 2 minutes with a regular toothbrush. 

To compare, here we have the test results of brushing with unobrush for only 6 seconds.

Lastly, we have the final comparison where the test results from the regular toothbrush are seen next to the test results from UNOBRUSH.

Some of you might think: why don’t they show the actual prototype? The reason is that we are getting it ready for mass production so we still need a few changes to the appearance. As soon as these changes are implemented, we will show you the prototype that will look very close to the actual product that you will receive. 

Altogether, our key goals of delivering a time-efficient, high-quality effective whole mouth toothbrush will be met and we are excited to share more as we get further in the process towards delivery in Q1 2020.

Thanks for watching, We look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Take care.