Blog Post 11

Dear Backers,

We are back with a new update. 

First off, thanks to the thousands of backers who went through the shipping process, and thank you for the feedback you all gave. 

This update relates to our impact of the COVID-19 virus. As you may know, almost all manufacturing activity in Asia has halted, and our progress with manufacturing the UNOBRUSH has, therefore, also been severely impacted. We are continuously in dialogue as we await clarification on schedules and timing. We were on track with our schedule, following the steps we had laid out to meet our targets, however, the COVID-19 virus has impacted this.  

As you may know, the main concern right now not only in Asia but worldwide is the containment of the virus spread. Our thoughts, of course, remain with the communities and individuals affected by the virus, and with those working around the clock to contain its spread and to treat the ill.

At this point, we don't know yet when the economy and workforce in Asia will resume back to normal. This is a developing situation, and we will update you as we get more clarification. 

Warm regards,