Blog Post 14

Dear Backers,

The last few weeks have passed with high speed, and things are looking bright ahead.

In this update, we will talk about the thoughts behind the user experience of the product.

First of all, lots of effort and thought has gone into the outside appearance. We know that the UNOBRUSH will be on display in many bathrooms, and therefore, we understand how essential a modern and clean look is. When the UNOBRUSH is charging, a pulsating light will be displayed around the main button in what we call the Light Ring. When the UNOBRUSH is fully charged, the Light Ring will turn to lower brightness, and besides letting you know it's charged, it is also a great help for finding your UNOBRUSH when the lights are out in your bathroom.

The UNOBRUSH is charged with modern inductive charging while standing on the charging pad, which is a part of the Docking Station. It's securely held in its place by a magnetic construction that also provides a snapping motion, once the Base Module is near to the charging surface.

To fit the design of the Base Module, we looked at options for accessing the Mouthpiece. Therefore, we decided to go with a combination of spring-loaded hinges with a magnetic secure lock function. Once the lid is open, it will stay open for you to access your Mouthpiece easily. Once you wish to close the lid, you can do this with just one finger pressing it down.

When you are done using the UNOBRUSH, you will detach the Mouthpiece and put it back in the reverse order. Once the lid is closed, the integrated UV-lights are activated as a part of our UV program that will run after every brush to sanitize the Mouthpiece. Excess water from the Mouthpiece will be captured in the uniquely designed water removal system, which ensures that any leftover water is transported out of the way.

Transporting UNOBRUSH is also easy. The product will arrive with a detachable USB-C for you to easily configure charging. Silicone pads are also integrated to avoid any scratches on the surface on which the UNOBRUSH Docking Station is placed.

We hope that you found our update enlightening, and we want to thank all our backers very much for following our journey.

We can't wait to update you again soon.

Warm Regards,