Blog Post 23

We’re excited to share our latest Mouthpiece prototype developments, which include some of our most requested features; shorter in length and more flexibility than the current Mouthpiece, making it easier to fit into the mouth. As well as extra rows of bristles for the front teeth, two at the top and one at the bottom for extra coverage.

You asked and we eagerly listened! In addition to these changes, we’ve improved the look and feel of the Mouthpiece and the bristles will also go from soft to super soft to enable a smoother brushing experience. Some bristles will also be various lengths at strategic places to achieve an easier reach within the teeth crevices.

Altogether this will give you a greater level of flexibility for positioning the brush in your mouth and an even greater brushing experience from your Unobrush! 

We feel this is an important development of our product since the mouthpiece is replaceable and should be replaced at least every 3 months. You will be able to update to your existing Unobrush the next time you replace the mouthpiece. 

We’re excited to hear your feedback on how you think this new functionality affects or improves your teethbrusing, when we launch the Mouthpiece later this year.