Blog Post 4

Hi there,

Welcome to the fourth weekly update.

We have received a lot of constructive feedback on these updates and we understand that a lot of you enjoy getting updates on the weekly progress here 

We are also happy to get a lot of questions and inquires about the progress towards delivering in Q1 2020, and we are doing the best we can to provide detailed and thorough answers. Please bear in mind that we are a small team.

Last week we talked about optimizing the user experience, the IP filing and the packaging. Both the IP filing and optimizing the user experience have seen good progress in the last week. Furthermore, we have received new packaging samples this week and we have gotten the internal structure in place to fit all the different components. We are going to provide a top-down experience where you will be presented with the motor and mouthpiece at first as the most important part of all the components. 

Next, you will get to a thank you sheet and the instructions manual. We thought that it would be nice to add this in the middle after seeing the main components, as we believe most people would like to get started brushing away as quickly as possible.

After the instructions manual and the thank you card, you will get to the cable and adapter. 

We hope you guys enjoyed this update. We’ll look a lot forward to updating you again soon.