Blog Post 5

Dear backers,

We hope that you are all doing well. In the last update, we explained the challenges we had discovered that were related to UNOfoam. These problems led to us deciding to replace the brushing component, while still ensuring that the three core functionalities of the product remain:

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality of brushing
  • Speed of cleaning

You can read our last update here to fully understand the challenges we encountered and the decisions we made.

We are currently working on the new UNOBRUSH featuring UNObristles, and in this update, we are going to highlight our current progress. 

We are filing for the patent

The UNObristle version is progressing according to the plan which has allowed us to further progress our IP filling, which is also on track. As soon as the IP filling has been finalized, we will be able to share more information about the new version than we have been able to before. 

We are obtaining certifications

We have promised our backers a fully functioning and high-quality product, and part of this process involves obtaining the correct certifications. So, we have started the process of obtaining not only all the required certifications but to make sure the product exceeds all necessary standards. 

We are finalising the packaging

We want to ensure that receiving, opening, and using UNOBRUSH should be a nice user experience, which is why the packaging is an important aspect to consider. The design should be simple and elegant, while at the same time compact and low weight in order to keep the cost of shipping down. Besides working around the clock on the product, we have been working intensely to incorporate these various requirements into our packaging, and even though it has been challenging, we are happy to announce that we are working on one of the last revisions with our manufacturer. We are very excited to share more details about the packaging that will be similar to this:

We are working on finish and surface 

While our engineers have been implementing the pivot, our design team has focused on modifying the design details for the new version, while also trying to optimize the entire experience. We have evaluated several possible materials for use in producing the UNOBRUSH in order to optimize the right type of finish and surface that’s easy to keep clean, but at the same time looks and feels pleasing to the user. We will share more as we progress forward.

We ask for your patience, along with your understanding and trust in our process and project, and that changes or product-related adjustments will always be based on delivering a product that meets the functionality and cleaning effectiveness initially defined.

If you wish to see more frequent updates about our progress, we encourage you to view our weekly blog posts that can be found via 

We appreciate the many comments and interest in the project, and we look forward to updating you again soon.