Blog Post 6

Hi guys,

We are back with a new weekly update. 

This past week has been very productive and we have been working intensely on optimizing the design of the toothbrush and the docking station to really have a meaningful and well-thought-out design and experience. The optimization includes introducing rounder edges for more appealing design, better balancing abilities, lighting features, a more seamless open/close mechanism, and battery status indicators. As an added benefit we have also included a couple of additional features that we will reveal in a special update.

Furthermore, the IP filling is progressing as planned, and we are getting ready to show you the new edition soon. We are working around the clock and are very pleased with the positive progress we have been seeing for the past couple of weeks.

We are also happy to get a lot of questions and inquiries about the progress towards delivering in Q1 2020, and we are doing the best we can to provide detailed and thorough answers. As always, please bear in mind that we are a small team.

Kind regards,