Blog Post 9

Hi Guys, 

We are back with a new small update. 

We have been busy for the past couple of weeks working out a lot of smaller appearance design changes and optimizations to make sure you get a thought-through product that you will enjoy using. Furthermore, the IP filling is almost done. The whole team is right now getting ready to show you the new edition and will be releasing a bigger update about it very soon. 

We hope the ones of you following appreciate the short but more frequent communication here via our blog. Thanks for all your feedback from the last couple of updates. If you have any new or other ideas for what else you might want to see in the updates, please reach out to us via and our team will take a look at it. 

The team keeps working around the clock and we are pleased with the progress we have been making for the past couple of weeks. 

We look forward to updating you again.