KEA - Innovative Business 2017

UNOBRUSH™ were the winners of the government-sponsored funding competition INNOVATIVE BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIP. The purpose of the competition was to reward students at business schools and business academies who had combined a grand vision with a revolutionary product. AT UNOBRUSH™ were particularly praised for our product's potential and the development stages we had reached and about innovative or developmental initiatives.

Link for the press release

You can find UNOBRUSH under the name “Börsten” our former name.

JA Latvia - ISCF 2018

In April 2018 UNOBRUSH™ took home two awards at the International Company Festival. First for the most Innovative Product in Europa 2018, and for the most sustainable Business Model. The festival (ISCF) is one of the most prominent young company events in Europe gathering together more than 100 startup companies and their business advisers from entire Europe. We were proud to take part and even more pleased to win the two prices.

Link for their official pictures taken of us at the ceremony event

Niels Bock - Innovation Cup 2017

UNOBRUSH™ won the Niels Brock Innovation Cup. Niels Brock (the largest Business College in Denmark) sponsored the cup. Niels Brock has a vast network of top students, teachers, and connections in the international business world. UNOBRUSH™ won the competition for the most Innovative Business.

Microsoft Innovation Cup 2016

UNOBRUSH™ won the Microsoft Innovation CUP for students presenting the most innovative idea with the highest potential seen in 2016. The comments from the Microsoft jury board were: "The UNOBRUSH™ team has seen a real problem in people's everyday life, and their innovative product and business model can change the toothbrushing industry for good."

Note: Microsoft's page about us is no longer available, but this is a diploma that has been signed by the Microsoft Official at the time, of the competition.