Want to feel more attractive and confident?

Neglecting this one small thing could be what’s holding you back

By Daniel Kristoffersen | 15 June 21

I found out that there’s one small thing I can do that helps my life move forward. It feels like a secret life hack and it’s been making a difference in my life ever since I heard it.

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep track of all the things I’m meant to be doing for success - doing my best at my job, keeping up my friendships, and being a good partner. And then on top of that, there’s all the things I need to do to stay healthy, from sleeping well to eating well.

It seems like a never-ending struggle to keep on top of all these things, every single day. Who’s got the time for that?!

But did you know that the secret to a better life - better career, better relationships, better health - all comes down to your teeth?!

It turns out that brushing your teeth isn’t just important for keeping your mouth healthy - good oral hygiene comes with a mind-blowing amount of benefits, in areas that you wouldn’t ever expect.

Let me explain. Here are 7 life-changing factors of good oral hygiene:

  1. Convince people you’re attractive - even when you’re not

    A good smile begins with good, clean, and healthy teeth. And even if your teeth aren’t in the best shape, it’s easy to improve them by improving your teeth brushing habits. But you might be wondering why it’s so important to have a good smile? Well, research suggests that even people who are less attractive appear more attractive when they smile. And that’s not all - less attractive people smiling have been judged as more attractive than someone with a straight face who is more conventionally attractive! And these results were shown across genders, meaning that everyone is able to make themselves appear more attractive by the simple act of smiling.

    You might be wondering where dental hygiene comes into it - well no one wants to smile if they’ve got unhealthy looking teeth and gums. So it’s worth making sure your teeth and mouth are looking good to make sure you’re even more good-looking. A smile has been ranked as the most attractive physical feature, and perfecting yours will undoubtedly pay off and make you appear much more attractive.


  2. Do better in interviews and get more promotions

    Remember the last job interview you went to? You were probably nervous about what to wear and whether they’d ask questions you found difficult to answer. But did you take a minute to brush your teeth in preparation? If not, it might have been a good idea...

    When hiring new employees, employers prefer people who display good teeth and good oral hygiene. And it’s not just about looking good - 42% of people link healthy-looking teeth with authoritativeness, which is a benefit for whatever job role you’re after.

    Even when you’ve got a job, good teeth are going to help you succeed, with 24% believing good teeth helps you get a promotion. So while you’re working hard to ensure you’re performing well at your job, maybe spare some thought for how improving your oral hygiene routine could also help.


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  3. Control other people’s impressions of you

    It’s not only in job-related situations that good oral health matters. Having good teeth impacts what people think of you in other ways too. On average, people make a judgement about others within just a few seconds - meaning impressions really do count. And teeth are a huge part of that impression.

    73% of Americans are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than they are to trust someone with a good job, a good outfit, or a good car. Even if you don’t have many trustworthy qualities, you can make people think you’re trustworthy simply by showing off your pearly whites. So much power through just flashing your teeth!


  4. Look smarter than you actually are

    Yep that’s right - you look more intelligent when you have good teeth.

    Research has suggested that when teeth are discoloured or look decayed, people tend to view the person as less intellectual and socially competent, meaning they have a much more negative impression.

    In contrast, healthy-looking white teeth provided much more positive judgements - both in men and women. Just by taking care of your oral hygiene, you can make people think you’re smart, social, and intellectually clued-in.

    Want to look and seem smarter? Maybe the answer lies in your teeth.


  5. Easily have better relationships - and better sex

    It might sound far-fetched that better teeth equal better sex, but it’s true. With stats indicating that 40% of people believe intimate relationships are impacted by oral health, it’s clear that your daily tooth brushing routine impacts how much sex you’re having.

    Research suggests that the majority of people believe poor oral health makes relationships worse, and can even interrupt sexual encounters. No one wants to ruin their relationships through an issue that’s so simple to fix.

    But on the flip side - better oral health does improve sex and relationships, with studies indicating that good oral health leads to more kissing, more sex, and greater intimicy overall. Not something you want to miss out on!


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  6. Minimise your chance of becoming ill

    Oral health is extremely closely linked to the health of the rest of the body. By making dental hygiene a priority, you can really easily boost your body’s natural immunity.

    Unhealthy gums are a gateway to the rest of the body, with gum disease suspected to increase the risk of certain illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory infections. The reason for many of these is that bacteria can very easily enter the bloodstream and harm more areas of your body from the gum.

    But by taking care of your dental health, you can minimise your chances of developing these illnesses, and keep your body in top shape.


  7. Enjoy a natural high

    The better your oral hygiene is, the more you’re going to want to smile to show it off! And the act of smiling has been proven to have really significant benefits for your mood and mental health.

    When you smile, the brain releases chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These all function to relax your body and make you feel good - they’re the same substances that are released when you do things you love, that are influenced by taking antidepressants, and that act as natural pain relievers. They can make you immediately give your mental health a lift by making you feel better and more positive - so enjoy that natural high and keep smiling.

    Pretty cool, right?! I thought so too.

    But I also realised that I’m not always the best at brushing my teeth - it’s often rushed, and sometimes I forget (hey, we’re all just human).

    I definitely don’t want to miss out on the benefits of good dental hygiene. That’s why I’ve transformed my teeth brushing routine. And you can too.

    Find out how in our free guide for 7 easy steps to improve your oral hygiene (without having to visit a dentist!)


Daniel is the co-founder of a global dental care company. He is passionate about improving dental care across the planet, and works to help thousands of people worldwide improve their oral hygiene. The benefits of better oral health are numerous, including more success, more happiness, and better relationships. Daniel cares about educating people and sharing his knowledge, so others can receive these benefits and improve their lives.