Nice to meet you!

Andreas Dierks


Andreas is a skilled strategist and runs the communication, and commercialization at Unobrush. He has a background in sales and online retailing which inform his approach to his job as a CEO here at unobrush.

Before Unobrush Andreas worked primarily with eCommerce stores on the American market and has a big drive when working with making a success out of a startup company.

As Unobrush overall operations and resources go-to guy Andreas also manages the main communication between the board of advisors and Unobrush.

Daniel Kristoffersen


Daniel takes the lead on the aspects that affect the customer's experience, including R&D, branding, and marketing. He has a quite diverse creative background that includes iOS app development, short film production, and advertising.

Daniel manages Unobrush technical aspects to ensure that they're in line with its growth targets combined with providing its technological development plans.

Daniel enjoys the responsibility that comes with the job of overseeing the planning, development, and execution of Unobrush’s organization's branding marketing and advertising initiatives.

Sebastian Dalsted


Sebastian is our guy when it comes to all financial controls and projections. With his former experience as a serial entrepreneur predominantly focusing on eCommerce and and his high responsibility within logistics he is, of course, a big asset at Unobrush.
Sebastian ensures that the Unobrush products are being distributed to the correct places on time and in the right quantity.

So applaus Sebastian to keep it cool, when controlling everything from shipments, coordination drivers, operation IT-systems, analyzing data to assess performance.

Hans Michaelsen

Tech Lead

With a business college background from Niels Brock, and a passion for technology Hans leads Unobrush's scalable digital infrastructure and data solutions. As part of the R&D team, Hans is responsible for customer experience solutions and making the Unobrush even better in the future.

Laura Hansen

Head of Customer Experience

Meet Laura - our first non Danish colleague. Laura grew up in the UK and moved to Denmark in 2012. Her background provides more than 10 years of experience helping customers, and she has been a part of a number of successful start-ups and scale-ups.

Laura feels passionately about helping every Unobrush customer to become a part of the journey. As a new company, unobrush has the opportunity to get to know our customers on a personal level and Laura looks forward to helping our customers become a part of our Unobrush Customer Experience ethos.

Miguel Gallo

Digital marketing and growth hacker

Miguel came from Portugal to Denmark in 2013 and joined Unobrush in 2020. He has three years of experience from hands-on growth roles, leading up to Booking Holdings acquisition in a bigger eCommerce company. Miguel has also several years of experience from making marketing strategy roles and one year as a CMO for a new startup company.

Yngvi Karlson

Lead Investor

Yngvi is an investor, growth professional and serial entrepreneur with a particular focus on building teams and growth. He has founded more than ten companies with two acquisitions.

He sold his second company in 2016 and ​founded the VC company Morph Capital in 2018. One of Morph’s finest jobs is to not only work on one company but also with other passionate entrepreneurs on theirs - so the match with Unobrush was a sure fit.