Our journey began with a simple idea: life is too short to waste time on mundane tasks. We wanted to make the world a better place by eliminating simple, everyday habits so people could have more time to spend on things that really mattered. In our quest, we found that the toothbrushing experience hadn’t changed in centuries. Invented in the 1400s, the modern toothbrush looks almost identical to the very first toothbrush ever invented. How had humans made no major advancements in something everyone around the world does twice a day?

The toothbrush was screaming for a 21st-century redesign, and we were the team for the job. We set out to replace the outdated brush and bristles with something more convenient, more efficient, and more fun to use. We didn’t want to simply make a better toothbrush; we wanted to rebuild the entire teeth-brushing experience. To start, we became obsessed with the problem; before concepting UNOBRUSH, we did ample research on the dental hygiene industry. We found that most people don’t brush correctly – they’re brushing too hard, too soft, or not long enough.

A simple process we all learned in childhood was too hard to master and took too long. Armed with this data, we began concepting new approaches to oral care. Our team’s obsession with user-friendly design, aesthetic, quality and efficiency drove us to explore a solution that cleaned all teeth at the same time and was simple to use. We also wanted something that added elegance – not clutter – to a bathroom countertop. Finally, we wanted the experience to be hands-free, giving users the freedom to do whatever they wanted while brushing their teeth, even if the experience was short. Thus, UNOBRUSH was born.

After many rounds of prototyping, we have perfected the first UNOBRUSH model, and are now raising money to manufacture the first round of UNOBRUSH units. We’d love for you to join us in revolutionizing how the world brushes.


Daniel Stage Kristoffersen

Daniel takes the lead on all of UNOBRUSH’s creative initiatives, including product design, marketing and communications. He has a diverse creative background that includes iOS app development, short film production and advertising.

Andreas Singh Dierks

Andreas is primarily responsible for strategic planning, commercialization, production and R&D planning. His extensive experience in online retailing, market development and product analysis inform his approach.

Renato Zhagi
Lead Engineer

Renato is the lead mechanical engineer of UNOBRUSH who graduated from UFV, one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. Renato has the responsibility for the design and development of the entire UNOBRUSH concept. With many years of experience with product development and design engineering, Renato has solved the many issues that arose in the creation of UNOBRUSH.


The advisory board is a consultative body that have an continues to advise the UNOBRUSH team on e.g. Production, Concepting, Project Management and Strategy. The board consists of four diverse members in terms of Industrial Manufacturing, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and network.
That’s why we gathered an Advisory Board composed by people with great experience, from different professional backgrounds.

David Demsitz
Marketing Director

C-level executive with +12 years experience from marketing, sales, digital and more than 15 years experience with management, managing both employees and managers. Experience from running ATL campaigns for more than DKK 160 mill., and being P&L responsible for a yearly turnover of more than DKK 500 mill. from multiple companies, He possess a broad knowledge base within the field of marketing and commercial activities.

Henning Mortensen
Chief Dentist

Dentist with 28 years of experience within broad aspects of dentistry. Furthermore co-owner of a credited danish dentist practice. Main advisor reagarding the development of UNOfoam and the UNOBRUSH concept.


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