Q1: Can I use my own toothpaste with UNOBRUSH?

Unlike other specialty toothbrush innovations, our goal was to make UNOBRUSH a universal product that would not be dependent on special toothpaste to make it work. The R&D engineering that went into our design was significant to accomplish this key functionality so that it worked with your current toothpaste. This makes UNOBRUSH a highly advanced yet universal toothbrush.

Q2: So how much faster is UNOBRUSH?

UNOBRUSH saves you 95% of the time you would typically spend brushing your teeth, which all together saves you around three months of an average lifetime.

Q3: Six seconds seems too fast?

Most dentists recommend brushing for two whole minutes. If you divide that time by the number of teeth in an average adult, you end up having to brush 3.75 seconds pr. tooth. With UNOBRUSH you brush all teeth simultaneously which is why we can brush your teeth in just 4 seconds. But to take away any doubt we added 2 seconds more, to give you the best cleaning possible.

Q4: Does UNOBRUSH clean the gums as well?

Yes. Your gums are very important to clean while brushing. Therefore, UNOfoam is developed to swiftly remove and destroy the buildup of plaque and bacteria from the gum area as well as the teeth.

Q5: How does UNOfoam brush the distal of the 2nd or 3rd molars?

UNOfoam’s dense foam can reach the distal surface of the 3rd molars. When biting into the UNOfoam, it will wrap around your teeth using our 360 wrap technology, thus ensuring a thorough clean.

Q6: How often should UNOfoam be replaced?

UNOfoam has a lifetime of one month. After this, it is recommended that they be replaced by new ones. With our subscription service UNOsupply, you won’t have to think about buying new UNOfoam, just sign up and the UNOfoam will be delivered to you automatically.

Q7: Does UNOBRUSH clean interdental spaces?

The surface of the high density closed cell UNOfoam has been specially developed to deliver micro-cleansing power that creates the perfect amount of surface to surface brushing enhanced by the UNOBRUSH fluid wave technology. Therefore UNOfoam will clean between the teeth. Flossing is still recommended to thoroughly clean interdental spaces when using UNOBRUSH, just as it is when using a manual or electric toothbrush.

Q8: How are vibrations applied to UNOfoam?

The UNOBRUSH Base Module will create sonic waves that will be transferred to the UNOfoam, thus vibrating the UNOfoam at sonic level.

Q9: Dentist opinion about UNOBRUSH

UNOBRUSH works closely together with dentists to ensure the best cleaning possible, and our dental advisors have stated the following about UNOBRUSH: 
“I’m excited to see the rollout of UNOBRUSH and making it available to my patients as a new approach to oral care. I’ve never seen a product with more potential of delivering a radical improvement in extending the life of our natural teeth without medical intervention. I further see UNOBRUSH being indispensable to hospitals and nursing homes as the standard of care for their patients who cannot brush on their own. “ 

“Most people in today’s world have less time and are more stressed than ever before, but the importance of toothbrushing is still the same. I believe UNOBRUSH will make toothbrushing fit easier into our busy lives, but I also think UNOBRUSH has the potential of helping people who are unable to brush their teeth themselves. I’ve loved working closely together with the UNOBRUSH-Team, and I’m excited to see the rollout of UNOBRUSH and making it available for my clients who are interested in it.“

Q10: How much does UNOfoam cost?

We want to make good oral hygiene available for everyone, that's why the UNOfoam cost will only be DKK 20 (USD$ 3.00).

Q11: Does it work with braces?

Yes. UNOBRUSH worked together with several dentists to make UNOBRUSH braces friendly.

Q12: How many times can I brush my teeth on a single charge?

We have estimated the battery life to last approximately 2 weeks.

Q13: Does UNOBRUSH work for children?

UNOBRUSH is designed to work for children and adult from the age of 5 years old and up.

Q14: Does every family member need a separate UNOBRUSH?

We designed the UNOBRUSH Base Module so it can be shared among family members if wanted, but all members of the family should have their own mouthpiece and UNOfoam to stay hygienic.

Q15: When will shipping begin?

According to the manufacturing plan the first batch of UNOBRUSH is estimated to begin shipping by May 2019.